Waterhaus Designs offers luxury accessories and decor with designs curated by renowned interior designer Susan Winchester. Her love of bays and byways permeate all of Susan’s designs, and as creative director and founder of WaterHaus Designs, she combines her passionate eye for design with her love of the natural environment. Whether it’s creating lux but livable products for home or yacht, chalet or villa, Susan’s designs not only express that natural core–they’re built to perform. Indoors or Out. At every level.

The success of any design project lies in the details. Just like when you throw on your favorite jewelry, cufflinks of shoes when getting dressed up, adding luxury interior design accents to your home, completes the look. With that said, accessorizing your luxury home is, in some ways, an art form. You don’t want to add interior design accents just for the sake of adding decorative elements to each room. Successfully accessorizing takes careful planning and precise planning to bring out your personality and design style. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the accessories. The finishing touches are what will take your home or yacht from lovely to lavishly extraordinary and that’s where Susan’s curated accessories and decor come into play.

Turning your luxury home into a beautiful, welcoming, and personalized space is easy when you incorporate just the right mixture of luxury interior design accents. Whether you prefer the more traditional look of candles and paintings or love the idea of a modern, edgy light fixture suspended from the ceiling, there are endless opportunities to fuse your style preferences with your interior design that go far beyond paint colors and throw pillows. Whatever you decide upon, make it you, and make it fabulous.