When you touch Sunbrella pillows, you just may forget that the fabric is designed for long-term performance. Combine that with styles designed by Susan Winchester’s expert eye and you’ve got luxurious magic in the making.

When choosing interior design accents for your home, it is imperative to include different textures to bring depth and substance to a room. Texture doesn’t necessarily always refer to how something physically feels. It also refers to how something is perceived to feel. Various textures in a room give the space more visual weight, which helps draw the eye’s attention. Susan’s experience in fabric and textiles make sure that each piece on her curated collection add a luxurious feel to your home or yacht.

All of Susan’s Sunbrella pillows resist mold, mildew and fading. Covers are machine washable and do not shrink when washed. Once you fall in love with Susan’s Sunbrella-covered decorative pillows, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. With weather-resistant outdoor fabrics and easy-clean indoor fabrics, your pillows will be ready to stand up to anything your family throws their way, without sacrificing upscale style, comfort or softness whether in your home or yacht.